Admission Policy

Visit the school office of Admissions:

     1.Complete the Pupil Application for Admission Form 

     2. Complete the Pupil Medical Form

The school must be informed of any chronic medical condition related to your child and a detailed Medical Report must be provided upon admission

        3-Schedule an appointment for your *Pupil’s Admission Assessment   

        4-Schedule an appointment for your **Parents’ conference

        5-Settle the Admission Assessment fee of L.E. 2000 before the scheduled admission date:

The Admission Assessment fee is refunded ONLY if the pupil is not enrolled in the school.

Present the following documents to the Director of Admissions:

Children applying to Pre – foundation and FS1:

  • Child’s digital Birth Certificate
  • 10 passport- size photos 
  • Copy of each parent’s / guardian’s ID
  • Proof of custody if relevant
Children transferring from other schools:

  • Child’s digital Birth Certificate
  • 10 passport- size photos 
  • Copy of each parent’s / Guardian’s ID
  • Proof of Custody if relevant
  • Last Academic Report from previous school
  • Official transfer documents from relevant Educational Directorate
  • Settle the confirmation of admission fee: 
  • Pre Foundation:

    50% of the total annual tuition fees 

    EYFS and all other year groups:

    25% of the Total Annual Tuition Fees within 5 working days after successful completion of the above Admission Procedure.


    The objective of our Parents’ / Management Conference is to familiarize parents with our distinctive school culture, our vision, our mission, our ethos and our academic policies. This meeting is also designed to allow the school management to identify your parenting style as well as your needs and expectations of us as a school.